The UVS Team

Fraser Pearce

Chairman & Director of Music, Committee

Fraser was elected chairman of UVS in November 2019 having served as director of music for a number of years. A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and having completed further study, Fraser is Principal Teacher of Religious Education at Turnbull High School and has a young family with his wife, Jane.

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Fred Stone

Retired Chairman & Assistant Treasurer, Committee

Fred served as chairman for nearly thirty years and brings invaluable experience to the running of UVS. Members and friends owe Fred an immense debt of gratitude for all his hard work which has resulted in the TLM being available as it currently is in Scotland.


Jane Pearce

Secretary, Committee

Jane brings a wealth of organisational experience to the committee (and keeps the chairman right!). A music teacher by profession, Jane now raises a young family.



Margaret Anne Stuart

Retired Secretary

Margaret is a longstanding committee member and has served faithfully has secretary.

Robert Brookes, Committee

Robert brings a range of experience from his varied career, a deep love of the faith and a passion for the traditions of the Church. He is MC at Immaculate Heart Parish in Glasgow



Thomas Thomson

Master of Ceremonies &Treasurer, Committee

Thomas has is our longstanding MC and over the years he has trained countless servers and priests to say the Traditional Mass.




John Inglis

Master of Ceremonies

John is the MC for Fr Emerson FSSP in Edinburgh and brings a vast experience to his work with UVS.





Euan Fairholm

Master of Ceremonies

Euan serves the Traditional Latin Mass in Edinburgh and brings a wealth of liturgical knowledge to his work with UVS.






Tom Docherty

Assistant Director of Music

Tom has been an organist in the Diocese of Motherwell for 14 years. He directs music for the Traditional Latin Mass in St Mary’s, Cleland and sings for Schola Una Voce and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Schola in Glasgow. Tom is available for weddings, funerals and private tuition.




Daniel Nichols

Latin Language Adviser

Daniel Nicholls graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Classics in 2015. His interest in Latin is not just as the supposedly-dead language of the Ancient Romans, but as the living language of the Church and of the whole of Western civilisation. He is excited to take up this new role as Latin Advisor to Una Voce Scotland (or Una Voce Calendoniae, as he prefers to call it!).

Daniel offers his services as a Latin tutor.