Welcome to the online home of Una Voce Scotland. We are the Scottish association of The International Una Voce Federation, which aims to foster the cultural heritage of the Traditional Latin Rite of the Catholic Church.

The Constitutional Aims of Una Voce Scotland can be summarised as follows:

1. The promotion of Latin, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass and traditional sacramental rites.

2. The promotion of Gregorian Chant.

3. The preservation of Catholic sanctuaries.

4. To represent the faithful to the hierarchy concerning the above aims.

Una Voce Scotland are committed to the unity of the Faith and the Faithful, particularly in a sound and orthodox understanding of the Holy Eucharist, and its reverent and pious reception within the beauty of the Classical Roman Rite. We believe that the sacred liturgy is the primary means of formation for Catholics and aim to promote the Catholic and Apostolic Faith which is presented and enacted in the Traditional Rites. We aim to make the liturgical riches of the Church available to all.

We promote and encourage the use of Gregorian Plainsong and polyphonic music, and support the preservation (and restoration) of the Traditional Latin Mass and the administration of all Rites and Sacraments according to the ancient forms. With the support of members and friends we offer training, vestments and articles that are needed for the celebration of traditional liturgy.

Further information about the position of the International Federation Una Voce can be found here.

We hope that you find our website helpful and that we will have the opportunity of meeting you at future Una Voce Scotland events.

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The Mass is a Compendium of the whole life of Christ. This is presented beautifully and clearly and in the saying of the Traditional Latin Mass.

The Traditional Latin Mass has been celebrated in a relatively unchanged form throughout nearly all of the Church’s history and it is this Mass which Father Frederick Faber once described as “the most beautiful thing this side of heaven”.

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