Annual General Meeting 2023

Our AGM took place on Saturday 9th December at St Andrew’s Church, Ravelston in Edinburgh.

The day began with a Solemn Requiem Mass celebrated for our deceased members and benefactors by Fr Brendan Gerard FSSP.  Fr John Emerson FSSP was deacon and Fr Pio Idowu FFI subdeacon.

A buffet lunch followed in the parish rooms and the meeting was called to order at 1pm.  Fr Emerson led the meeting in prayer then, after presenting my report, the following changes were made to the committee:

Mr Thomas THOMSON resigned as Treasurer

Mr Fraser PEARCE resigned from the committee

Mr Benjamin PORTELLI was elected Treasurer

Miss Madeleine THURROTT was elected Secretary

In addition, Mr Liam COYLE continues on the committee approved by the meeting.

Afterwards Tommy Thomson, Dorothy McLean and Liam Coyle addressed the meeting before the business was concluded and Fr Emerson led the closing prayer.

I would like to thank the FSSP and the Marian Franciscans; our singers, servers and helpers; the Parish and Archdiocese for their hospitality and all those who attended the meeting for coming out despite the weather.

Finally my thanks to Tommy and Fraser for their hard work and commitment over the years (in Tommy’s case over the decades) and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them all the best.  Also congratulations to Madeleine and Benjamin as they take up their new roles.

With the committee reorganised we look forward to presenting our programme for the year ahead and I ask you to keep us and Una Voce Scotland in your prayers.

Euan Fairholm