Dear Reverend Fathers, members and friends,

I have recently written about the practical arrangements requested by the bishops of Scotland and their bearing on the Traditional Latin Mass. In addition to the practical measures taken, I write to encourage all priests to add the prayers from the Votive Mass in Time of Pestilence as a spiritual response to the threat of Coronavirus. Votive Masses are not possible in Lent, but the collect, secret and post communion can be added after those of the Mass of the day in the manner of a commemoration.

Download a PDF here.

Although holy water is not to be placed in stoups, I encourage all priests, whether they say the Traditional Latin Mass or not, to make holy water and exorcised salt, blessed with the traditional ritual, available to the faithful who present a container for private use. The prayers are self-explanatory and worthy of consideration.

Rite of blessing holy water, Traditional Form

I ask all lay people to forward this message to priests.

In Domino

Fraser Pearce