TLM reinstated at Sacred Heart, Bridgeton

Following on from the success of the arrangement between the Parish Priest and Fr Dunn through Holy Week, Diocesan Administrator Mgr Bradley has permitted the Traditional Latin Mass to be reinstated at Sacred Heart Church, Bridgeton, Glasgow.

The Extraordinary Form will now be offered by Fr Dunn every Sunday at 11am.


Fr Wilfrid Elkin RIP

News has come to UVS of the death of Fr Wilfrid Elkin. Fr Elkin did great work in training priests how to say the Traditional Latin Mass, including some of our Scottish priests.

His Requiem Mass will be offered on the 31st of March at 12 noon and will be celebrated in the Traditional Rite by his bishop.

Please join us in praying for the repose of his soul.

UVS ‘AGM’ 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

Our Online AGM begins at 11am today, with a Requiem Mass for deceased members of UVS, offered by Fr O’Connor. This will be broadcast live on Facebook here.

Following the Requiem Mass at 12 noon will be our Online AGM, featuring a welcome from Cardinal Burke, Keynote Speech from Bishop Schneider and the Chairman’s Report. This will “go live” at 12 noon on Youtube.

We hope you will be able to join us either live, or watching later. Please feel free to share these links on your social media.

Additionally, we are saddened to inform our members and friends of the death of Kathleen Fraser. She died on Thursday 12th November, surrounded by her family. Kathleen was a Life Member of UVS and the widow of the late Hamish Fraser, also a member of UVS and a great promoter of Traditional Catholicism.Please remember Kathleen in your prayers, along with Hamish and all the deceased members of UVS.


In Domino

Fraser Pearce

Fr Martin F.SS.R High Masses, Aberdeen

Fr Martin Mary F.SS.R. a priest of The Sons of The Most Holy Redeemer in Papa Stronsay, who was recently ordained to the royal and sacred priesthood, will offer a Solemn High Mass on Saturday 10th October at 2 pm and Sunday 11th October at 11 am in The Sacred Hearty Church, 15 Grampian Road, Torry, Aberdeen AB11 8ED.  In line with Church the numbers attending will regrettably be limited to 40 on each occasion.  Please use the following links to register your attendance:
Confessions and the Rosary will precede both Masses.
Please remember Fr Martin in your prayers.

New Sunday TLM, Toryglen

Dear Members and Friends,

I am delighted to announce the introduction of another Sunday Traditional Latin Mass, this time offered by Fr Gerard Byrne at St Brigid’s, Toryglen, Glasgow, every Sunday at 9.30am.

Fr Byrne has offered the TLM on First Saturdays for a number of years and it is wonderful to see the provision of the Old Rite growing. The Sunday Mass at St Brigid’s was offered for the first time on Sunday and the attendance was very encouraging. If you are planning to attend this week, please do arrive early.


In Domino

Fraser Pearce

Hardcopy Ordo- Coming Soon!

Following the success of our online Scottish Ordo for the Traditional Latin Mass, we have decided to publish a hard copy for the liturgical year beginning Advent 2020! While only the current month is available online, the ordo will be an essential liturgical resource for everyone involved in the TLM in Scotland.

The ordo provides all the required liturgical information specific to the dioceses of Scotland and is perfect for:

  • Priests
  • Servers
  • Liturgical Musicians
  • Liturgical Living in the home

Stay tuned for information on how to order your copy and…tell your friends!


New UVS Email Addresses

As the final step in updating our online presence, we have two new email addresses.

For general enquiries

To contact the chairman

Please add these to your contacts to avoid our correspondence finding its way to your spam folder!

Resumption of Public Masses: Contact Your MSP

From the 15th of July, the public in Scotland will be able to go to cinemas, libraries, restaurants, pubs and hairdressers. Places of worship, meanwhile, are not to open for communal worship until the 23rd of July.

The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland released a statement yesterday, expressing their disappointment at the Scottish Government’s decision.

We too receive this news of the Scottish Government’s announcement with great disappointment, having encouraged our members to pray for and to support priests in their endeavours to safely restore access to the sacraments.

This matter should be raised at the Scottish Parliament, and to that end, I want to encourage you to write to your MSP today. I provide a sample text below for you to adapt; please keep the message succinct and polite.

You may also wish to CC: your Bishop to let them know that you are writing to your MSP.

You can find your MSP and their contact details using the Postcode Lookup here: 

Finally, we would also like to promote this petition to the Scottish Government to allow public worship sooner:

Thank you for your support and your prayers in this time.

Sample MSP Email Text Below



As we have entered into Phase 2 of recovery from the lockdown due to Covid-19, the Catholic community of Scotland has welcomed the re-opening of places of worship for private prayer after a long and patient period of waiting. Since our churches have re-opened, and following the extensive and comprehensive guidance of the Scottish Bishops, parishes have successfully implemented social distancing measures as well as the wearing of masks and increased hygiene procedures.

Catholic parishes have been at the forefront of caring for the local community during the pandemic by offering practical, emotional and spiritual care for many, especially those who are most in need, whilst following government guidelines.

It is with great disappointment that we have learned that the Scottish Government places more importance on pubs, cinemas and libraries in the pursuit of the common good than places of worship by planning to delay the resumption of public worship while prioritising leisure activities. Since places of worship have demonstrated their ability to adhere to social distancing, perhaps even more readily than will be possible for cinemas and bars, we consider it unjust and detrimental to the spiritual and mental health of people of faith and those they serve to delay public worship whilst permitting non-essential entertainments.

We ask you to raise this at the Scottish Parliament on our behalf as a matter of urgency.

On behalf of the Catholics of Scotland,

Yours faithfully,

Lifting of Lockdown: Please write to the First Minister

Dear members and friends,

As the government begins to consider ways of lifting the lockdown, we want to ensure that the opening of churches is a top priority. Please write to the First Minister using the link below. We have suggested a possible draft message to save our members time (see the bottom of this post). Please feel free to use and adapt this message.

Many thanks to Holy Family Apostolate for making the First Minister’s contact link available to us:

Please share a link to this page on WhatsApp or social media:

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce


Draft message begins here:

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

Thank you for your efforts to promote the common good of the people of Scotland during this troubling time.

I write to ask you to consider that in addition to the physical well-being of our nation it is necessary to consider the spiritual health of our people.

While in some faith traditions places of worship are more of a meeting place for the community, for Catholics, our churches are home to to Our Lord Jesus Christ who is truly present in the consecrated in the consecrated communion hosts, resting in the tabernacle. For this reason, being present with Him has no substitute. This is not recreation but is essential, not just to Catholics but to the people of Scotland who are in need of much intercessory prayer.

We are all aware of the requirements and necessity of social distancing: if we can achieve this in busy supermarkets, we can ensure that it is practiced in church as well.

Being aware of the importance of spiritual wellbeing, alongside physical and mental wellbeing for a holistic understanding of good health (‘Man does not live by bread alone’), we can commit to practising safe distancing from one another while we spend a short while in private prayer.

Please make the reopening of churches a priority when considering the lightening of lockdown restrictions so that we can be close to Our Lord and continue to offer prayers on behalf of all the people of Scotland, for our temporal and spiritual healing.

Yours faithfully,