Dear members and friends,

Thank you for your ongoing support, both material and spiritual. In March we prayed for the priests who we were sending to the Latin Mass Training Course; interest in this course was high, such that some priests who had attempted to book found that the course was full! Sadly, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus the course has been postponed; we are looking into assisting these priests with attending the course on a future date.

In April, I ask you to join me in adding the following to your daily Rosary intentions:

1. The growth of the Traditional Latin Mass community in Dundee

2. The end of the current pandemic through reparation for the sins of the world, particularly sins against Our Lord in the sacred liturgy and sins of idolatry and blasphemy

Thank you again for supporting us in our work for Jesus, for the Church and for the Traditional Mass.

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce