Una Voce Returns to National Shrine

On the 11th of September 2021, Una Voce Scotland returned to the National Marian Shrine at Carfin Grotto to anticipate the glorious feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The altar was adorned with First Class Relics of the True Cross, ST Helena and other saints for a Votive Mass of the same dedication.

With the kind permission of His Lordship Bishop Toal, a Missa Cantata was celebrated by Fr Liam O’Connor of St Mary’s Cleland who was assisted by Schola Una Voce, our own choir.

Prior to Mass, the Holy Rosary was prayed and the faithful had the opportunity to receive the sacrament of penance thanks to Fr Monaghan of St Dominic’s Bishopbriggs and Fr Grant, guardian of the grotto.

Our last Mass at Carfin was in the evening and attracted many working people and young adults. This time around, the majority of the congregation were young families ( more than a dozen at last count) with many young children who enjoyed playing together afterwards in the beautiful setting of the grotto.

A fuller account will follow in our October Newsletter.

The morning was livestreamed by Sancta Familia Media and can be viewed HERE



Media Post: Extraordinary Form at Carfin Grotto

On the 4th of June 2021, Una Voce Scotland hosted a Missa Cantata at Scotland’s National Marian Shrine. The Sung Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart was offered by Fr Liam O’Connor who offers the Extraordinary Form in his parish, St Mary’s Cleland and was assisted by servers from St Mary’s, St Brigid’s Toryglen and the FSSP in Edinburgh. The MC was Tommy Thomson and the music was provided by our own Schola Una Voce, directed by our chairman and director of music, Fraser Pearce.

Our prayers for good weather were answered, allowing the Mass to be held outdoors. This resulted in no restrictions on numbers. Holy Mass was preceded by the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary led by a member of the congregation at Cleland, author and teacher, Mike Hughes. Mike will be providing a fuller article on the evening in our next newsletter. During the rosary, five priests heard confessions and although confessions continued during the liturgy, Mass was delayed a little in order to facilitate the great numbers who queued for the sacrament.

The Mass was attended by around 300 people and while there were familiar faces, the vast majority were experiencing the beauty and depth of the Extraordinary Form for the first time. The event was live-streamed by Sancta Familia Media but this didn’t put off those who travelled from all over – from as far as Eriskay and Stranraer! Many local people too, came along to experience the liturgy and to make First Friday devotions. The notably high proportion of young people who were present adds to our claim that the Extraordinary Form has an important role to play in the New Evangelisation-drawing all people to the unchanging truth and goodness of the Catholic Faith which is presented in a particularly clear way in the Usus Antiqior.

The outdoor altar at the Massabielle Grotto was the perfect setting and the altar was bedecked with first class relics of St Pius X, St Jean Vianney, St Francis Xavier and St Maria Goretti from Carfin’s extensive collection of relics- the largest outside of the Vatican!

Sancta Familia Media live-streamed the Mass for those who live too far away to be there in person (you can watch the FULL VIDEO here) and were on hand to speak with the congregation afterwards. The feedback online and in person has been extremely positive with many asking for the Extraordinary Form to be offered more often.


Our thanks go to Fr Grant and the team at Carfin who, through the planning process and on the evening, gave us a very warm welcome. It is clear that they are passionate about making the National Shrine a home to all.

We look forward to sharing more about this Mass and hope that regaining the momentum that we built up before Covid will enable us to continue to evangelise through the sacred liturgy.

If you would like to find an Extraordinary Form Mass near you, view our Latin Mass Map here.

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Feeble attack on Latin Mass from Vatican Archbishop

It has come to the attention of Una Voce Scotland that His Grace Arthur Roche, Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has launched a feeble attack on the Extraordinary Form of the Mass in an essay that he has written and which has been forwarded to bishops around the world.

Read his Article Here The Roman Missal of Saint Paul VI Roche

Entitled, ‘The Roman Missal of Saint Paul VI : ‘A witness to unchanging faith and uninterrupted tradition‘,  the article was issued on the 19th February 2020, only a few months before the Cardinal Prefect of the CDW and ally of tradition, His Eminence Cardinal Sarah, offered his resignation to Pope Francis at the age of 75. February 2020 was also only a short time before the Vatican survey on the implementation of Summorum Ponificum was issued to the bishops of the world by the Vatican

The article makes a number of weak claims that the Novus Ordo Mass represents an authentic development of the Roman Rite, arguments that have been thoroughly dealt with the the FIUV and preeminent figures such as Michael Davies, Prof. Peter Kwasniewski and Dr. Joseph Shaw to name a few.

Archbishop Roche, former chairman of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) and since 2012 the Secretary of the CDW at the Vatican rehearses tired and often unsupported charges against the Traditional Latin Mass.

While arguing that the Novus Ordo is an organic development of the Roman Rite he

  • writes of how the Mass needed to be stripped of repetitions and accretions,
  • claims that the Missal of Paul VI retains 90% of the texts of the 1962 Missale Romanum
  • asserts that the Novus Ordo contains ‘more sacrificial vocabulary than was the case in the 1570 Missal.’
  • criticises the ‘solely clerical vision of the liturgy, in which the clergy alone are active and the faithful passive ‘
  • describes the 1955 Holy Week reform as a ‘dawning consciousness’ of an ’emerging ecclesiology’ prior to the Council
  • criticises the ‘Tridentine Missal’ for considering the ‘priest alone as celebrant’
  • praises the new temporal and sanctoral cycles as superior
  • praises the Novus Ordo’s ability to be adapted to ‘pastoral situations’ and the ‘spiritual needs’ of ‘particular communities’
  • praises the new three year lectionary for making the scripture more available to the faithful
  • praises the use of early liturgical texts, condemned by Pope Pius XII as Antiquarianism and not Tradition in Mediator Dei 1947
  • calls the implementation of the Novus Ordo an ‘ecclesiastical duty’

After playing down the council of Trent in order to play up the Second Vatican Council, the archbishop states that the New Missal reflects ‘ecclesiological differences’ as opposed to the Missal of 1570 and talks of the ‘magnitude of the changes that have taken place.’ Among three reasons for the ‘enrichment’ of the New Mass, the Archbishop postulates that the Missal of Paul VI was necessary due to the ‘reception of the theological content of the Second Vatican Council itself which was ecclesiologically significant and cognisant of a world that had changed. ‘ He argues, concurrently, that a new Mass was necessary because of the teaching of the Council (a new Lex Orandi for a new Lex Credendi?) and changes in the world and  that the Novus Ordo is ‘A witness to unchanging faith and uninterrupted tradition.’  

In response to this and in keeping with our humble resources at Una Voce Scotland, we will continue to address these issues that have been so comprehensively answered by sharing articles, talks, lectures and by recommending excellent books.  We will also open up Archbishop Roche’s letter to leading figures in the traditional movement to seek their expert response to these arguments that continue to remerge.

In light of this article and as we await the appointment of a new head for the CDW and the outcome of the Summorum Pontificum survey last year, we take this opportunity to exhort all who love the Traditional Latin Mass to pray for its growth and support organisations that work of its promotion. While the EF continues to grow, it is not safe and we must not rest when we should be doing all we can to ensure that the Mass of Ages is passed on for all ages to come.

TLM in Dumbarton

Just a few weeks after advertising the introduction of a new 8am Sunday Traditional Latin Mass at St Mary’s, Cleland, I am delighted to inform our members and friends of another new celebration of the old rite at St Peter’s, Bellsmyre (Dumbarton) on Sundays at 9am. The Mass is offered by the parish priest, Fr McGinley.

In Domino

Fraser Pearce


UVS Prayer Intentions for September

Dear members and friends,

Please continue to join me in praying for the work of UVS and for the growth of the TLM across the country.

Our prayer intentions for September are:

1. The lifting of the current restrictions still in place over public worship, which are more stringent than those placed on entertainments an the hospitality sector

2. For the Latin Mass Community in Dundee and Fr Doohan, particularly on the patronal feast of their parish, Pope St Pius X (3rd September)

3. For priests who are learning the Traditional Latin Mass

UVS Ordo

The UVS Ordo/Scottish Liturgical Calendar has been updated for the month of September. I have also included a key to the abbreviations that it contains.


First Friday and Saturday

Please remember that the 4th of September is the First Friday

The 5th of September is the First Saturday .

St Brigid’s, Toryglen

Please note that the first Saturday Mass at St Brigid’s is cancelled for September only.

St Mary’s, Cleland

Fr O’Connor will be taking some time away during September. The Thursday evening Mass is cancelled until October but the Sunday 8am Mass will continue as usual.

Hardcopy Ordo- Coming Soon!

Following the success of our online Scottish Ordo for the Traditional Latin Mass, we have decided to publish a hard copy for the liturgical year beginning Advent 2020! While only the current month is available online, the ordo will be an essential liturgical resource for everyone involved in the TLM in Scotland.

The ordo provides all the required liturgical information specific to the dioceses of Scotland and is perfect for:

  • Priests
  • Servers
  • Liturgical Musicians
  • Liturgical Living in the home

Stay tuned for information on how to order your copy and…tell your friends!


UVS Prayer Intentions for July

Dear members and friends

I pray that this message finds you well. Last month, we prayed for the swift and safe re-opening of Churches and return to public Masses, and are pleased that this is now, gradually, taking place around the country. We encourage you to pray for and to support your priests in their endeavours to resume public ministry, and please be assured of my daily prayers for the members of UVS, especially when we are enduring this great trial of being unable to receive the sacraments.

Thank you to everyone who receives these monthly prayer petitions – by email or on social media – and prays along with us.  Starting this month, we are adding something new to these messages that we hope will be of benefit to you in your prayer life. Please find here a link to this month’s Liturgical Calendar of feasts for Scotland. Every month this page will be updated with the feasts of the month, including feasts for specific dioceses in Scotland: https://unavocescotland.org/ordo/

Please join me in prayer during the month of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, so that, by suffering well and bearing our cross in these days, we might merit the grace of conversion for ourselves, for members of the Mystical Body at all levels and for the whole world.

Prayer intentions for July:

  1. Resumption of public Mass without delay
  2. All the clergy who say or are learning the TLM
  3. A favourable outcome to the CDF survey

Anima Christi, sanctifica me 
Corpus Christi, salva me
Sanguis Christi, inebria me

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce


UVS Prayer Intentions for June

Dear members and friends

I pray that this message finds you well in these difficult times. Please be assured of my daily prayers for the members of UVS, especially when we are enduring this great trial of being unable to hear Mass, or even pray in our churches.

Please join me in imploring the mercy of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in prayers and acts of reparation during the month of June so that, by suffering well and bearing our cross in these days, we might merit the grace of conversion for ourselves, for members of the Mystical Body at all levels and for the whole world.

Prayer intentions for June:

  1. The swift and safe re-opening of Churches and return to public Masses
  2. The growth of the Traditional Latin Mass in Edinburgh
  3. A young FSSP seminarian who we are supporting

Heart of Jesus, bruised for our offences, Have mercy on us
Heart of Jesus, abode of justice and love, Have mercy on us
Heart of Jesus, patient and most merciful, Have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us
Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us
Our Lady of Akita, Pray for us

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce


UVS Prayer Intentions for May

Dear members and friends,

Thank you for your ongoing support, both material and spiritual. In April we prayed for the end of the current pandemic through reparation for the sins of the world, and the growth of the TLM community in Dundee. Although community life in general has been impacted by the stay at home measures to combat the pandemic, we are pleased to share that Fr Ninian (of Dundee) has been posting links to his Traditional Latin Masses (which are streamed live on YouTube) on his Facebook page. Also, reaching a wider audience are the FSSP via their LiveMass apostolate, which we know has served many of our members as well. We thank God for these consolations in the midst of trials, and continue to offer prayer and reparation.

In the month of Mary we pray for:

  1. the growth of the Traditional Latin Mass in Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Glasgow
  2. the reopening of Churches in the first wave of lockdown relaxation
  3. a favourable response to the questionnaire on the Traditional Latin Mass issued to bishops by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican.

Thank you again for supporting us in our work for Jesus, for the Church and for the Traditional Mass.

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce



UVS Prayer Intentions for April

Dear members and friends,

Thank you for your ongoing support, both material and spiritual. In March we prayed for the priests who we were sending to the Latin Mass Training Course; interest in this course was high, such that some priests who had attempted to book found that the course was full! Sadly, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus the course has been postponed; we are looking into assisting these priests with attending the course on a future date.

In April, I ask you to join me in adding the following to your daily Rosary intentions:

1. The growth of the Traditional Latin Mass community in Dundee

2. The end of the current pandemic through reparation for the sins of the world, particularly sins against Our Lord in the sacred liturgy and sins of idolatry and blasphemy

Thank you again for supporting us in our work for Jesus, for the Church and for the Traditional Mass.

In Domino,

Fraser Pearce