Holy Week Liturgies in the Usus Antiquior

Previously shared on social media, we are pleased to confirm the following arrangements for Holy Week 2021 in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

If you know of any other celebrations in the Old Rite, please do contact us so that we can update this post.

As far as we are aware, churches which have a celebration in the Traditional Rite on Sundays will maintain their usual provision on Easter day. See our Latin Mass Map for individual details.



All those who wish to attend must get in touch with Fr Emerson either by telephone or email to reserve a place. http://www.fsspscotland.org/
Holy Week ceremonies will take place, all at St Andrews Ravelston, as follows:
Maundy Thursday 7:30 pm, Good Friday 5 pm, the Solemn Easter Vigil 7:30 pm. There will be a noon Mass on Easter Sunday, but no 5 pm Mass.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, Bridgeton– Fr Steven Dunn
Tradition Latin Mass, Holy week & Easter Triduum times.
To attend these services the form below MUST be completed and submitted to reserve a place at the service.
Total places available = 50 per service. Forms may only be completed by immediate family members (up to six max). On entry please give name to door manager. Thank you.
If no internet access, please TEXT the details asked for, to mobile 07901 956129. THIS IS A TEXT number only, never answered; checked once per day for forms submitted.
ADDRESS with postcode:
Service wish to attend. (exact details – see below) :
Separate form for each service
A list will be compiled for each service for door keeper to “book in” each person as they enter Church.
Please e-mail your details to stephen.dunn@rcag.org.uk
Palm Sunday: 11am (shortened gospel for Passion) 12.30 (full reading of Passion)
Holy Thursday: Mass of the Last Supper 7.30pm
Good Friday service: 4pm
Easter: Vigil Mass, Sat 9pm, Sunday 11am & 12.30.
Confessions Holy Week: (no form required)
Mon: 6-7pm. Tues: 12noon–1pm. Wed: 6-7pm
Immaculate Heart, Balornock

Easter Triduum times are as follows:

Maundy Thursday

5.00 pm Latin (Sung)
7.30 pm Latin

Good Friday

3.00 pm Latin (Sung)

6.30 pm Latin

Holy Saturday (Vigil)

12 Noon Latin (Sung)
7.00 pm Latin

Easter Sunday

10.30 am Latin
11.30 am Latin
12.30 pm Latin (Sung)
6.00 pm Latin

Fr Wilfrid Elkin RIP

News has come to UVS of the death of Fr Wilfrid Elkin. Fr Elkin did great work in training priests how to say the Traditional Latin Mass, including some of our Scottish priests.

His Requiem Mass will be offered on the 31st of March at 12 noon and will be celebrated in the Traditional Rite by his bishop.

Please join us in praying for the repose of his soul.

Promoting the TLM is Evangelistic Work

Traditional Mass…Novus Ordo…What’s the fuss?
Here is a lecture given by the great Michael Davies, former President of the International Una Voce Federation. It is a summary of his outstanding book ‘Pope Paul’s New Mass‘ which is a thorough examination of the liturgical reform and its implementation. Through extensive research and personal contact with many who were involved, Mr Davies explains the ways in which the New Mass, while valid and licit etc, has not led to a renewal but a breakdown of the Catholic faith
The traditionalist movement is not about a selfish group lobbying for their preferred liturgy. It is a matter of preserving the riches of the Roman Rite, which has been handed down to us, as the fullest expression of the Catholic faith in the west and its necessity for the salvation and sanctification of souls- it is an essentially evangelical work.