Altar Missal we sent being put to good use

I saw photos on new Liturgical Movement of Palm Sunday Mass in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine, Hsichu, Taiwan. Is that your Shrine?
Yes. Its run by the Order of Discalced Carmelite Friars. Thank you for the Book you gave to us! Hope you can visit us here in Taiwan.
That is really interesting. Is this where you use the altar missal. Fantastic to see that!
Yes. The Mass went well. Thanks God!

Turin Shroud Replica at Immaculate Heart – Immaculate Heart

The last of our 2017 Lenten talks was given by the incredibly talented friend of the parish, Mr Henry Creechan who has made a life size replica of the Shroud of Turin. After the 6pm Low Mass the Replica and another smaller image were blessed while the schola sang Pergolesi’s ‘Stabat Mater’ and Palestrina’s ‘Adoramus Te Christe’. Afterwards we enjoyed supper together in a packed hall before Henry’s fascinating presentation on the topic of the Shroud. The whole evening ended in the most perfect way- Solemn Latin Compline (Traditional Night Prayer) by candlelight before the illuminated shroud image. Thanks to Mr Creechan for bringing so much blessing by his talents and to Fr Morris for facilitating the event and for conducting the liturgies so beautifully. The Shroud will remain at IHOM for the next two weeks.

Source: Turin Shroud Replica at Immaculate Heart – Immaculate Heart

Viva Maria Bambina! | St Marys Warrington

Renewed thanks from Fr Mawdsley for indispensable ordination gifts: travel altar cards (Keith & Pauline M), travel altar missal (compiled by Fr Martin Ramm, FSSP and given by Una Voce Scotland), burse which doubles as a missal stand when filled with a cushion (made by Mops M-B), Greek corporal [with relics sewn in to go under the altar cloth] (Fr Bernward van der Linden, FSSP) and a crucifix for visits to the sick / travel (Sr Mary Julian, RSM). God bless you all for your contributions to this mission.

Source: Viva Maria Bambina! | St Marys Warrington