Coronavirus and the Latin Mass

Coronavirus and Recieving Holy Communion at the Traditional Latin Mass

As some bishops are calling for Communion in the hand as a precaution against the spread of Coronavirus, please bear the following in mind:

  • Receiving Holy Communion in the hand is illicit at the Latin Mass so priests may decide that Holy Communion will not be administered to the faithful at the TLM. In the past it was common for Holy Communion to be administered after Mass or not at every Mass  since the sacrifice is  complete when the victim is consumed by the priest. Even when Holy Communion is not received, by attending Holy Mass we assist at the Holy Sacrifice and gain many graces by doing so.
  • One does not have to receive Holy Communion at any form of the Mass and can make an act of Spiritual Communion instead. This can also be used if one is not in a state to receive.


Sung Mass in Johnstone for the Feast of the Chair of St Peter

On the Feast of the Chair of St Peter (22nd February) the Parish of St Margaret of Scotland in Johnstone celebrated with a sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form. At the invitation of Parish Priest Fr Paul Brady, and with encouragement from Bishop Keenan, Una Voce Scotland (UVS) provided this Mass in the ancient form of the Roman Rite. UVS is a Scottish charity that promotes the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass and Gregorian Chant.

Around 170 of the faithful from around the Diocese of Paisley (with a few supporters from Glasgow) took shelter from the hail and sleet in this hidden gem of a church. Firstly, the Holy Rosary, led by UVS chairman Fraser Pearce, was offered for the current incumbent of the Chair of St Peter and for Holy Mother Church.

The congregation of parishioners – young and old – prayed in silence before Mass began with a flourish from the organ. The procession of servers and nine priests approached the altar of God, the last of whom was the celebrant of the Mass, Fr Gerard Byrne of St Brigid’s Toryglen.

This Sung Traditional Latin Mass was the first to be offered in St Margaret’s in 50 years. For some, it brought back memories of a Low Mass offered there a few years back for the golden wedding anniversary of a parishioner couple. For others, it was a reminder of Mass before the liturgical changes of the late 1960s. For most however, it was much more than a memory. In line with the global trend, the majority of attendees were those who are too young to remember, and who want the traditional Mass not out of nostalgia, but out of a love for the richness of the prayers, the depth of the silence, the  transcendence of the Gregorian Chant and the beauty of the ceremonies.

The music was provided by UVS’ own Schola (choir). In addition to the chant of the Mass, they sang polyphonic pieces by preeminent Catholic composers such as Thomas Luis de Victoria, Hans Leo Hassler and Antonio Lotti with organ music by Buxtehude.

Thanks to the warm hospitality of the parishioners, Mass was followed by refreshments and a time to share in conversation. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many asking for the Traditional Latin Mass to be offered regularly in the area.

Una Voce Scotland works to improve access to the TLM around Scotland. If you would like to see more events like this, pray for us and support our work.  If you don’t have a TLM near you, but would like one, let us know!

We’re sponsoring priests! Can you help?

Dear members and friends,

Thank you for your continued support of Una Voce Scotland. The committee and I continue to work hard behind the scenes to advance our aims and I am sure that your faithfulness in remembering our monthly prayer intentions is meriting the grace needed to move forward.

I am delighted to announce that we will be supporting several new priests (currently five in total) who wish to attend the Latin Mass Training Course down south.

UVS pays the fees for any priest from Scotland who wishes to attend the course, the cost this year being £120 each.

Could you please help us to meet this commitment? You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Become a member of UVS or renew an existing membership
2. Offer a donation

Both of these options can be facilitated through our support page.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.


In Domino

Fraser Pearce

Johnstone Provisional Music List

Provisional Music list for our Missa Cantata at St Margaret’s Johnstone at 12 Noon on the 22nd of February.

Prelude- Prelude and Fugue in G Major BWV 557. J.S. Bach

Hymn- Thy Hand O God Hath Guided
Proper- Statuit Ei Dominus
Ordinary- Kyrie, Lotti a3, S,A, Mass III
Credo IV
Offertory Motet-Tu Es Petrus, Hassler
Communion Motet- Domine Non Sum Dignus, Victoria
Alma Redemptoris Mater
Hymn- Faith of Our Fathers

Postlude- Toccata in F Major BuxWV157 Buxtehude

Schola Una Voce

Fraser Pearce, Director of Music


Pray for Una Voce Scotland

Dear members and friends,

As we begin a new year and work towards our plans for the coming months, I would like to invite you to support the apostolate of Una Voce Scotland through prayer.

Our work is in vain if it is not God who works in us and so I ask all members and friends to add our work to your Rosary intentions every week, particularly for prayer intentions that we will share every month.

Our intention for January is the growth of the Traditional Latin Mass in Cleland and for priests who are discerning how and when to start offering the Traditional Latin Mass.

If you would like to receive these intentions by email, please send a message to and ask to join our email list.

With thanks for your support and prayers,

In Domino

Fraser Pearce

Event: Sung Mass in Johnstone

We are very pleased to announce that UVS is organising a Missa Cantata in the Diocese of Paisley. At 12 noon on the 22nd of February, the feast of the Chair of St Peter, with the blessing of Bishop Keenan, Fr Byrne of St Brigid’s Toryglen will offer a sung Mass. The music will be provided by Schola Una Voce.

We are grateful to Fr Brady, Parish Priest of St Margaret’s Johnstone for inviting us.

Please spread the word and support this Mass. The Diocese of Paisley is currently the only diocese in Scotland without a regular Traditional Latin Mass.