2 Replies to “The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”

  1. I wanted to point out there seems to be a discrepancy in one of the Holy Mass listings.
    There is no traditional Mass in St Mary,s church in Stirling.
    Whether there used to be, I do not know.
    There is Mass here in the Ordinariate rite on the 3rd Sundays at 4pm.
    This can appear like a traditional Mass contace, as the format is almost identical, but it is in the vernacular.
    I have contacted the parish here and it has been conformed there is no E.F. Mass here.
    The Mass in St Ninian,s the Holy Spirit is correct.
    I hope this helps as this Mass listing is most useful to those of us who prefer Mass in the ancient form.
    God bless you all

  2. Thank you for pointing out the omission. I have added ‘(Roman Rite, Anglican Use)’ as with the other Ordinariate Masses shown.

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